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The Spanish Hummingbird



Our students speak:

Dani and Azu are the absolute best! They are so committed to helping their students become proficient Spanish speakers, and they are fully equipped to do it. learning with them in a friendly and safe environment gives me the comfort I need to take the necessary risks to become fluent in the language. In just a year and a half, I feel comfortable traveling to any spanish speaking country and holding my own with native speakers, and that it is just the beginning!

Gabriel N.

Azucena and Dani are fantastic educators and I love my Spanish lessons with them. They really get you speaking right away, which is so crucial to learning a language. They tailor their lessons so that the vocabulary that you are learning is relevant to your life, and they create such a supportive environment for learning. I love that the lessons are multi-modal (speaking, writing and oral comprehension) and a lot of fun! Highly recommend!

Kate Z.

Azu and Dani are great. They take a customized, systematic approach that hope you learn the language. Their precise method helps your weaknesses become strengths for anyone trying to get better at Spanish. No matter your level of proficiency, they can make you better. I highly recommend.

Javi M.


Los Angeles, California

+1 (213) 706-8901

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