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About our method

It's a way of learning Spanish based on what Azucena found difficult when she learnt English. Azucena reverse-engineered what it was a problem for her while learning. It's a unique and tailored approached based on speaking and doing sentences some yourselves and some us, based on what we are studying to structure your brain to the Spanish language so you can speak faster! So it's a two way process.

Now we offer Spanish book clubs based on what our students are studying, Daniel creates the short stories as he's the writer. You speak in Spanish with other students about the short story you read. Daniel creates debate by asking questions about the short story and life! We are finding our students are improving a lot in comprehension, listening and speaking!

I don't think anybody offers what we offer!

We believe learning is about fun and confidence and that's what we try to provide to all of our students with our unique approach!

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