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The Spanish hummingbird is a wonderful way to learn Spanish! They have found a good balance of speaking practice and grammatical learning so that you come to understand the structure of Spanish while still getting lots of conversational experience. And they have a unique process of teaching that is intuitive and helps the student build gradually on their knowledge. I have been learning with them in one on one and group lessons for over three years now, starting with absolutely 0 knowledge of the Spanish language. Now, thanks to their teaching, I am at a point where I can communicate nearly anything I could need or want to say in Spanish! Plus, they make it fun. I always look forward to the speaking portions of class because they are fun and interesting people to talk to.

Sasha S

I cant speak highly enough of The Spanish Hummingbird! Ive been learning with them for 2 years now and would highly recommend for anyone who is wanting to learn Spanish. I knew absolutely nothing when I started and now have the confidence and growing ability to speak and read. Their learning style really allows you to properly think in Spanish and learn the language properly so you can use it in every day life. I look forward to the lessons very week - so happy I found this language school!

Adam B

Azucena and Dani are fantastic Spanish teachers. I came to them 4 years ago having studied French in high school but never having studied Spanish. Their curriculum is so well curated -  the way they introduce verbs, grammar, and vocabulary is so intelligent and well orchestrated. They give you a piece at a time so that everything builds upon the last piece. They  have a genius list of the most common verbs/vocabulary that you need to feel empowered to start speaking ASAP. They've also recently started a "book club" for their students where we read short stories in Spanish and discuss them in Spanish. I loved the first book club and can't wait for more. I can't recommend them highly enough for anyone in LA (or anywhere - they teach on Zoom as well). If you've ever wanted to learn Spanish, start here!

Chris Y

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