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Azucena Duran

The creator of this method

Azucena is a bright woman born and raised in Madrid. She moved to London on her own when she was only 19. And, of course, she found a great barrier ahead, the English language. But that wall wasn't high enough for her and just one year later she was admitted in one of the most prestigious drama schools in London. She never had an English teacher because of her lack of cash, so she had to learn English on her own, and she did. Four years later she passed the Proficiency exam by Cambridge University, the highest-level qualification in English. Was all of these easy? Of course not, knowing also that our beloved Azucena is dyslexic... you can imagine how challenging it was, but she did it and without a teacher! She become a proficiency English speaker and also an actress. Now, can you think of anyone better to create a learning method?

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Daniel Arce

The writer 

Daniel was born and raised in Santander. He moved to London when he was 24 where he worked as a bartender. Two years later he found art and became a painter. A few years after he moved to Los Angeles with his girlfriend, Azucena, (now his wife) where he accidentally became a writer. He published three novels since then. Since he loves Spanish language and saw that Azucena's method works so great, he joined forces with her and started to teach her method. He's so excited because now he combines his love for languages and writing for this method.
A great combo as thanks to him, the students are reading fantastic stories while learning the language in the book clubs!
He is also the creator of our Instagram feed, which is a great tool for you, guys, where you can find very useful tips and vocabulary for free.

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